The time I was assaulted on an official EP Mission

I was send on an official mission and decided to share my airbnb with a colleague.

One night, I was in bed when I heard a knock on the door. I was tired so I did not answer. The door suddenly opened, and my colleague walked in, in just his underpants.

I got angry and insisted he leave. Instead, he barged got into my bed. I was so scared that I curled up in a little ball and begged him to leave me alone.

But rather than respect my wishes, he chose to assault me.

He touched my breasts and violently twisted my nipples. It hurt, but he would not stop. After that he proceeded to rub himself on my thigh. He was erect.

After five minutes of this, he must have become sick of me pleading with him to stop, so he rebuked me for not being receptive and to my great relief finally left.

I filed a complaint with the competent authority on 3rd October 2017.

I am still waiting for their answer.

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