The time he told me he only hired Eastern girls because they “would do anything for a western passport”

I was once told by a MEP that he loves hiring Eastern European women because he believed that they would do anything to get “western passports”. He continued by saying that with this reasoning, he could understand why I was hired by my MEP.

Whenever he found himself alone with me, he would often insist on bringing up the fact that despite his advanced age, I could be rest assured that his sex life was “juicy”.

Another time he asked me about my plans for Christmas break. I replied by telling him that I planned to visit my family for Christmas. He laughed at me and said that I must be stupid because I am obviously not capable of getting myself ‘a man who will buy me a seaside Christmas holiday’.

At one point he pointed out to me that I put myself at a disadvantage because I acted ‘frigidly’ compared to other female colleagues who ‘knew how to wear heels’.

Unfortunately, he was not someone I could avoid, I had to be in touch with him on an almost daily basis to get my work done.

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