The time a high ranking official asked me to wear tight clothes because he liked my body

I was enjoying my traineeship at one of the EU Institutions, here in Brussels, beautiful people, beautiful environment.

 I was already accustomed to the always present look by older men as this was not my first experience in the “EU bubble” and I couldn’t be too bothered. Then, one day something happened which was more annoying than usual.

 I received an invitation to a private party on my work email from a high ranking official, who did not work in my unit. In his invitation, the man was clearly suggested what kind of clothes I should wear to the party because he particularly enjoyed the view of some of my body’s part in the suggested outfit.

 In the beginning, I just couldn’t believe someone I didn’t even know would make such an offensive reference in an email sent directly to my work email.

Admittedly, I didn’t think the episode itself was very bad, but I still reported it to my supervisor. I’d encourage everyone to do the same, even if we feel it’s something small or not too important or that it won’t matter.

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