The time I was harassed for saying no to a relationship

I used to work for someone who would shout at me whenever he was stressed out, or for meaningless things, such as not printing documents.

 It was difficult to work like that, however one day it got worse. He came into my office and pressed a part of his body against mine while I was sitting in my chair. I felt really shocked, and froze and said nothing. After that, he left.

After this, he would sometimes stand behind me for a while while I was working on the computer, staring. It used to make me feel really uncomfortable.

 When I finally decided to leave, he shouted at me for a very long time.

The other day, he found me and apologized for everything. He said that he got himself into a personal relationship with me, and asked me to start a relationship. He said he could be good. I refused.

I filled a complaint, but did not receive much support. They seemed to believe me but due to lack of proof, they could not help me, or they did not want to help me. There were some witnesses but they were not taken into account. During the procedure I felt like the trauma that I experienced, and my pain was not proof enough of somebody’s abusive behaviour.

 I would encourage everyone who went through harassment and sexual harassment to take care of his or her mental health. Let the time heal you and create a space of love inside you. Only when we are healthy can we think clearly and become stronger inside and fight for ourselves. We think we have lost something, and that power has been taken away from us but in reality, we became richer through a bad experience.

 I feel like next time, I can protect myself much better and react with fierceness. I would never let anyone treat me that way again. I still fight anxiety, but I am getting better every day and want to be listened to and believed. I want to have a voice.

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