The time I didn’t feel safe

At the European Parliament, I got to know a man who always felt the need to compliment me. He would tell me how good I look, what an impeccable style I have and how much he admires me.


I didn’t read much into it, until on several occasions he would touch my arm for no reason. His behaviour became increasingly inappropriate when one day we were in the lift together and he commented on the fact that I had lost weight. He made an indecent gesture to refer to my breasts and told me that he prefers it when my “shapes are rounder”.

One day, he called me in to his office to ask for changes on a piece of work I had written. It felt like this was just a pretext to have me in his office. Before I left, I actually told my boss that if I don’t return in five minutes, he is probably raping me because I felt that uncomfortable.

When I arrived at his office, he made me sit at his computer and manually correct part of the text while he stood by and watched.

Then, he approached me and asked me if I was doing ok touching my shoulders. I immediately corrected the (inexistent) mistake and I jumped on my feet and quickly approached the door.

I opened the door wide and talked to him from the doorway. Then, I left in a hurry. I really felt like had I stuck around, I would have been close to being assaulted in an office in the EP.

Every time I see him getting into an elevator, I feel scared and if there is no one else in the elevator with him, I always grab the next one. I feel genuinely scared that he might physically hurt me one day, as he is known to be very aggressive.

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