The time I felt trapped

It happened when I had started as an intern.
I went out with a group of colleagues and my partner. We had drinks and then headed out to a bar, all was fine.
But when I was left alone, whilst others were getting drinks or at the toilets, one particular colleague came up from behind me and put his hands under my top and grabbed me on my bare skin.
This was totally unwelcome, I hadn’t even spoken to him and I was angry, so I pushed him off me.
I avoided him all night, walking off whenever he attempted to talk to me, but at no point could I get my partner alone to tell him.

Then, when the time came for us all to get taxis home, he forced his way in to the taxi that my boyfriend and I were sharing.
But instead of sitting in the front, he insisted on sitting in the back with us. I was in the middle between the two. Then out of nowhere, he started caressing my leg, again with no dialogue, just touching.
I clung on to my boyfriend who hadn’t noticed as it was dark, I felt trapped because I couldn’t escape such an uncomfortable situation. It was great relief when the taxi dropped him off first.
Later on I was angry at myself for having not said anything in the taxi, but I think I was so shocked having never experienced something like that.
The next week at work, he came looking for me, but I wasn’t in my office at the time, instead a colleague was. He had asked if I had had his coat, almost framing it in a way, as if we had gone home together that night.

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